7 Aralık 2011 Çarşamba

. A Manifesto of Deconstruction

When I look back on my life, it's not that I don't want to see things exactly as they happened, it's just that I prefer to remember them in an artistic way. And, truthfully, the lie of it all is much more honest because I invented it. Clinical psychology tells us, arguably, that trauma is the ultimate killer. Memories are not recycled like atoms and particles in quantum psychics, they can be lost forever. It's sort of like my past is an unfinished painting, and as the artist of that painting, I must fill in all the ugly holes and make it beautiful again. It's not been I am dishonest, it's that I just that I loathe reality.

25 Temmuz 2011 Pazartesi

hyperreality in terms of identity construction

Albeit with many reactions,  strongly do I have the mere intention to accept hyper-reality  as a notion with a reference to a surreality that every individual intrinsically and potentially possess. We are in an era of in-finiteness assisting individuals to deconstruct their cultural registers and create an unidentified, personalized image without being in the borders of sets of specific codes. As insane as it may sound, do I have a suggestion for people to be aware of their sub-identities embedded in themselves and be consciously alienated to their surface identity as otherwise they will not be able to be freed from this unconscious alienation loop, which is only possible only with an artistic interpretation of the world.

The reason why I recommend this is that we are in an era which is identifiably paradoxical in that while the cybernetic world provides people with limitless possibilities of self realization, expression, and re-invention,  it constantly guarantees its triumph as long as it deciphers each segment of us.

Thankfully,  there is something which helps us be one jump ahead of it,  the authentic creativity of the human mind.  It is time people abandoned the idea of fixing their existence to certain sets of codes as it makes them accessible for the system as this uncontrolled power in the cybernetic world has ultimately created a vicious whirlpool of extinction.
This is is a manifest of being up-to-date in an artistic identification of a self by deconstructing the conventional codes and this is the only way to be exculpated from the unseen walls of Panopticon.