19 Temmuz 2012 Perşembe


Benvenuto! says the city of Como, Lombardia

The first point of my personal reinvention started in Como with my friends Pınar and Selçuk.

So thrilled did we feel when we found ourselves in this untouched wilderness surrounded by a great variety of greenery. 

                                                        Have a break, Have a sight-see in Como!
We had a boat tour to discover this land where we breathed in thousands of colors, plenty of scenery, and silence. I felt myself truly disconnected and refreshed. I did not speak and just let the beauty capture me.  
                                at times, rather vulnerable do I feel myself against such  beauty...

Occasionally, I was stunned upon witnessing the limitlessness of the supremacy, questioning the reason of my self existence in this universe.  

               I would like to live here. Dear universe, have you received my message?
                                          impressions, dreams, self fusion in the depths of water and the sky
        I could listen to the silence and feel the hegemony of the unseen- intangible powers of the nature for  a thousands of hours
                                                can anyone resist to such wilderness?
                           We got off the boat in one of the towns and started taking pictures where we came    across to an amazing park with a sports center in it. It was simply not different from a rehab center, though :)

and of course tried catching some artistic photos while walking along the lake shore..

                                         It was impossible not to become a photographer there

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