27 Temmuz 2012 Cuma

the dream in a dream: day one

Though fed up with rushing among the modes of transportation, there was no time for hesitation. No sooner had I settled in my room than I ran outside, beginning the second leg of my expedition. Prague, was so a beautiful city that all my perceptions worked 100%. If am asked whether one can be able to fall in love with a city at first sight, my reply would be yes of course regarding Prague!

We were flirting with each other in a courteous manner; Me, asking the secret of its beauty; she  responding me by exhibiting her wonders I came across at every corner arbitrarily.

Here, you can enjoy the sunset in Vlatva River while watching the ship moving through different styles of exterior architecture in Art Nouveau, Baroque, Renaissance, cubist, Gothich, Neo-Classical, and ultra-modern.

As you see, here we are in the heart of the city, which is illustrated with the most important figures representing the aura of the city such as Karl Bridge, Prague Castle, Goya viewed all of which  through the river Vlatva River.. I hope you will enjoy my interpretation of Prague on the first day of my visit.

In this blog, the purpose I bear is to present some scenery combined with the examples of exterior architecture.

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